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Category > Flax linen
Material > Flax
Rushnik (10C195)
Category: Flax linen, Material: Flax

Traditional Russian towel rushnik (Rus. rukoternik, handbrake, utirnik, shelf, fly, Ukr. Towel, Belarus. Rushnіk, utsіralnіk, Bulg. Rchenik, posh, rue, obrus, Peshkir, testemel, Chevra, Caesarea Makkedah. Rachnik, Peshkir, Serb. Peshkir, Slovenes. rocnik, Pol. ręcznik, Czech. ručnik, Slovak. ručnik) - towel made of homespun canvas. The item of folk culture and folk art of the Slavs, mostly eastern.

Rushnik is towel both for everyday and ritual purposes; endowed with semantics, roads, compound binding. In ceremonies acts as a gift, a talisman, bedspreads, decorations, holiday symbol, symbolic and has opovestitelnuyu function. Ceremonialfunctions and symbols. 

Rushnik is widely used in a variety of situations ritual: the funeral, wedding,christening and homelands in calendar rites, magic and medicine.

Size 50 x 150 cm.

Average Weight: 175 grams
Price $5.50
Available in Stock: 10000
(max 10000)
Price of 1 is: $ 5.5
Weight is: 175 grams

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