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Terms of Service.

1) The prices are given without shipping price.
You can see shipping prices here. Price for USouth America & America and the rest of the world are different.

2) We sale products in wholesale only. We charge $5 fee to orders less than $15 value. We give a discount of 5% if the price of order is more than $150, we give a discount of 10% if price of order is more than $400. If you are going to make bulk order for few thousands of $$ or more, contact us for special prices and transportation solutions.

3) We work on prepaid basic. We accept paypal, epassporte, e-gold, western union, moneygram, wire transfers. Contact us if you prefer any other payment option.

4) We send items in 3 working days since we receive payment. We notify our customers about every step that we do.

5) Given photos of items are not "unique". We have wide range of goods, contact us if you want something different, like different color, ornament, etc

6) We are registered Ecuadorian company (C2A Enterprise), and we can make contract with you.

7) You are free to do anything with the purchased items (for instance, you can use them or resell).

8) Shipping insurance is optional, contact us for details if you want to pay it.