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Category > Matryoshka dolls

Russian matryoshka dolls hand crafted in Belarus, traditional style.

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Red nesting doll
Red nesting doll (7011)
Wooden nesting doll of red color. Handcrafted in Belarus.
Price $18.95
Seven Dwarves Doll
Seven Dwarves Doll (7109)
Wooden matryoshka doll Seven Dwarves, handcrafted
Price $19.95
Matryoshka doll
Matryoshka doll (7013)
Wooden matryoshka doll with traditional painting.
Price $19.95
Traditional matryoshka
Traditional matryoshka (7012)
Matryoshka doll with traditional painting style
Price $18.95
Love doll red color
Love doll red color (s001)
Red color love doll with letters. Hand crafted of wood.
Price $7.50
Red Love doll
Red Love doll (s002)
Red color love doll of three units. Height is 9.5 cm.
Price $7.50
White wooden love doll
White wooden love doll (s004)
White color love doll with letters. Height 9.5 cm.
Price $7.50
White love doll
White love doll (s005)
Small white doll with love letters
Price $4
Matryoshka 7 units
Matryoshka 7 units (blank7)
Blank unpainted matryoshka doll of 7 units
Price $12
Small blank nesting doll
Small blank nesting doll (blank3)
Blank unpainted nesting doll of small size
Price $2.50