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Welcome to Belarus Crafts!

Minimum purchase: $10

Note: If you are interested in making a wholesale purchase, please contact us.

Unique handmade products from Belarus, great choise, affordable prices. Check flax linen, traditional matryoshka dolls, soft toys, soviet souvenirs and much more. Unique handicrafts and souvenirs from Belarus.

Most Popular:
Red nesting doll
Red nesting doll (7011)
Wooden nesting doll of red color. Handcrafted in Belarus.
Price $18.95
Seven Dwarves Doll
Seven Dwarves Doll (7109)
Wooden matryoshka doll Seven Dwarves, handcrafted
Price $19.95
Matryoshka doll
Matryoshka doll (7013)
Wooden matryoshka doll with traditional painting.
Price $19.95
Red Love doll
Red Love doll (s002)
Red color love doll of three units. Height is 9.5 cm.
Price $7.50
Small blank nesting doll
Small blank nesting doll (blank3)
Blank unpainted nesting doll of small size
Price $2.50
Nevalyashka (6C-001)
Traditional Russian soviet nevalyashka doll with bell inside.
Price $10
Towel Russian dolls
Towel Russian dolls (09C93-365-1)
Flax linen towel with images of Russian dolls matryoshkas
Price $3
Set of 3 towels coffee
Set of 3 towels coffee (09C522)
Set of three towels made in style of coffee
Price $9
Flax linen towel Zhaleika
Flax linen towel Zhaleika (11C420)
Flax linen towel, model Zhaleika, size 50x70 cm.
Price $3
Traditional matryoshka
Traditional matryoshka (7012)
Matryoshka doll with traditional painting style
Price $18.95